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wait until someone tells Ichabod about student loans









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lee chaerin being flawless, as usual.

clxssact said: a good majority of the questions will be common sense and as long as you studied a bit then you should be fine! :)

i literally cramped everything in two days 

Don’t you dare credit YG


This needs to be addressed. I’m sick of OT3 fans coming at both CL and YG  for her “overexposure”. What exposure?? Her photoshoots? Her fashion week trips? Do you really think YG called up Italy’s Vanity Fair magazine and begged them to take pics of CL? Or better yet, contacted his good old pal Jean-Paul Gaultier and asked him for a front row seat so that  CL could be present at his show. Don’t get it twisted, YG has not a damn thing to do with this.

YG artists are free to do whatever they want in their own time. CL likes to go visit her friends/acquaintances who she shares a big interest with, fashion. These fashion shows are privileges, you have to be invited to attend, you can’t just show up. She does photoshoots during these trips because these certain designers, editors, photographers, stylists that she’s friends with want to feature her.

In Elle Korea’s case she was chosen as a fashion icon and a female artist they believe in. The Harper’s Bazaar one was merely an endorsement shoot for Hazzy’s. Endorsements that once again, YG has nothing to do with. I know you people like to think that these brands and companies call YG and ask for “the prettiest member” with YG saying “no, take CL instead” but that’s not how it works. These brands are PAYING for their models so they’ll get whoever they want. Just like Dara recently had a magazine shoot and appeared on Get It Beauty for Clio. Or just like how Dara departs earlier or stays behind in certain countries they tour in to hang out with her friends. She does EXACTLY the same things as CL just not of the same caliber.

Unfortunately in YGE, man>woman so the female artists have to work to get what they deserve. CL has paid her dues, she’s keeping her name, her brand in the public eye because YG is not going to do it for her. She’ll be releasing her solo album soon and she’s gonna be needing all the support she can get. She certainly won’t be getting it from most of you bitter people who proved your worth during TBF era when you not only didn’t support her but tried to sabotage her by voting against her.

I get that you may be frustrated that your bias isn’t in the public eye as much but that’s not CL’s fault. So stop whining and campaigning “YG SOLO PROJECTS FOR OT3!!!” in spite of CL. Don’t drag her down. It IS fair because CL has worked very hard and is finally getting what she deserves after all those years of believing in herself, her worth and her message. The fact that she didn’t have to change any of that to get where she is today should only be celebrated and commended.

Also, stop getting offended over us calling her ‘Queen’ or saying “when will your favs” neither of that is a dig to your bias. Just like you have been calling Dara ‘Goddess’ for the past 6 years. It’s not that deep. Stop being so fucking petty.

So my point is, no it’s not because of YG that we get mild heart attacks every time CL updates IG with her flawlessness. It’s because of the baddest herself. And get used to it because there’s a whole lot more to come.

Sincerely, all GZBz.


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clxssact said: good luck! I go for my license tomorrow :) so nervous lol


when do u turn 16?
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